Kendra Scott Jewelry supports middle Tennessee family affected by flooding

KNOXVILLE, Tennessee (WVLT) – Mariah King said she received early morning warnings at her Waverly, Tennessee home that flooding was possible just before feet of water covered everything she owned.

“I said I think my house will be flooded,” King said on the phone with her mother. “And one of the scariest, absolutely terrifying experiences I’ve ever had, especially since Ember was a medical baby.”

Their 4-year-old daughter Ember was born one pound, seven ounces. She spent her first nearly three hundred days in the neonatal intensive care unit. She still needs medical care and a tracheostomy tube. King said that was all she could think of since there was almost three feet of water in her house.

“And there she has a Trach. A Trach parent’s greatest fear is being surrounded by so much water and not being able to make sure she is safe, ”she said.

King said she pulled her daughter onto her mattress in hopes of keeping her dry while she watched her house flood. King says she lost medical equipment, important family treasures, and her car. When the water receded, she said she carried her daughter and went to the nearest gas station until they were rescued.

“We just have to save Ember and do all we can. And only by the grace of God do you know that angels were watching over us. It had to be you for us to be protected as we were, ”King said.

News of a mother and daughter in need of help spread, and Halle Pinkham, Marketing and Philanthropic Manager at Kendra Scott Jewelry, thought there was something they could do in their businesses to help them.

“We wanted to bring up the story and help Mariah and her family rebuild after the flood disaster.

The jewelry store donates 20 percent of every sale in store and online directly to Mariah and Ember’s relief fund. The fundraiser lasts until midnight Tuesday. Enter GIVEBACK-AMQBZ in the voucher field at checkout.

Kendra Scott also created a page that includes an Amazon Needs List and Go Fund Me page for King and her daughter.

“Oh my god. I’m speechless. To know that Kendra Scott, someone so influential, little Oh, me and Ember, was very flattering and, as I said, almost overwhelming at the same time,” King said.

You can follow Ember’s story on their Facebook page.

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