The next round of ice in Arkansas could destroy trees and branches

Thursday’s next bout of freezing weather could stress trees, causing them to snap or fall over.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – We’ve seen that in this winter weather, and it could get worse this next round of storms.

Freezing rain could damage trees and power lines. It’s already happening here in Arkansas.

Eventually, as more ice accumulates on tree branches, they become heavy enough to snap if they fall onto roads, power lines, or even buildings.

Capital City Tree Service has been busy making sure trees don’t fall on homes when the ice was seen in Arkansas this week. Emergency services removed a fallen tree from a house on Tuesday morning.

“It had been weighted down with ice, causing it to break at the roots,” said Matt Shaw, general manager of the Capital City Tree Service.

Shaw said annual inspections and property maintenance are a must to ensure this doesn’t happen when inclement weather hits.

“Have a pro come out, make sure you’re in good shape,” Shaw said. “Just because a tree is green doesn’t mean it’s healthy.”

The company tries to make its workers safer when cutting down trees.

They have a new machine called the Merlo that cuts and removes the tree without a person climbing on it.

The company offers free inspection and relocation services.

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