Another Ice Round for Arkansas | How much?

The final winter storm of the week could be the strongest for the River Valley and central Arkansas in particular as heavy ice is a possibility.

ARKANSAS, United States – After two storms with a mix of ice and sleet, another storm with possible heavy freezing rain will hit Arkansas this week. Expect ice to move into Arkansas from Oklahoma between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. Wednesday. Freezing rain will continue for most of the night. (scroll down for blackout forecast)

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The worst ice conditions are expected in the Arkansas River Valley, east of central Arkansas around Little Rock. Areas farther north may have less moisture in the atmosphere, leading to easier accumulation. More than half an inch of ice is expected south of the Arkansas River.

A low pressure area will swing in from the southeast. Areas north of the light pink line (below) are likely to receive freezing rain. A mix of light sleet and freezing drizzle is possible in the more northerly counties of Arkansas. Counties closer to the line will receive the most ice.


Ice predictions are difficult because how much of the freezing rain will freeze and how much will drip? In general, expect nearly half an inch of ice in the River Valley and maybe half an inch of ice in central Arkansas. Some counties near northern Ouachita (like Scott and Logan counties) can also accommodate half an inch of ice or more.

The worst freezing rain will be from Wednesday night through Thursday morning. Later Thursday morning we may start to warm above freezing, helping some rain mix with the ice.

Expect the roads to remain icy and dangerous for most of Thursday, with plenty of melting taking place on Friday.
Quick note: Freezing may occur again through Friday morning.


In the southern river valley

The heavier the ice, the higher the chance of a power outage. Minor power outages are expected in the mid-purple color (Fort Smith, Van Buren, Sallisaw, Ozark, Clarksville). The dark purple color can have numerous power outages that can last a day or two (Poteau, Greenwood, Booneville, Waldron).

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