Southeast Health becomes the first hospital in Alabama to receive aid from the Department of Defense

DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) – In the fight against the surge in COVID-19, Southeast Health recently achieved the highest number of positive COVID patients in its hospital since the pandemic began.

Like many hospitals in the state, Southeast Health is overwhelmed with COVID cases and a staff shortage.

In response to their fight, a Department of Defense military medical team has come to help.

“We have nurses and doctors who will be in emergency rooms, they will be in intensive care units, I think some of them will be in the medical-surgical fields,” said Major Lynne Smith. “But we try to help where we can.”

What is the “highly mutated” C.1.2 coronavirus variant?

This surge in COVID-19 affected Southeast Health more than the first surge, and Dr. George Narby, chief medical officer of Southeast Health, says the surge will last longer this time.

“This increase seems to be more sustainable, it will take a little longer I think,” said Narby. “We’re seeing more patients in the hospital right now than at any time on our last climb.”

Southeast Health is the first Alabama hospital to accept Department of Defense military personnel. And how Dr. Narby says they are grateful for the help.

“Just being thankful is the overwhelming feeling we all have,” said Dr. Narby. “I think the fact that you have come here shows this community and Dothan how serious this COVID pandemic is and what it means in terms of the gravity of the situation and the gravity of the situation.”

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