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“They got the message,” said Nate Oats, Alabama head basketball coach.

Yes, that might be the understatement of the year.

If you watched Take 1 of All Things CW this week, It’s Time to Talk About the Elephant in the Room With Alabama Basketball, it’s only right and fair to appreciate how well the Crimson Tide responded to the Oklahoma loss and absolutely devastated was visiting Vanderbilt, 101-44.

The energy was great Tuesday night. Even with a lead of more than 50 points, the team did not give up. Alabama recorded the largest SEC win in program history (previously 53 points over Ole Miss in 1947, 83-30).

“I thought our boys answered the bell after the Oklahoma game,” Oats said. “That was a great way of replying. I expected a lot from us. It was just too bad for [Vanderbilt] that they were the team watching the Oklahoma game.

Here’s how Alabama performed in the statistical categories referenced in Take 1:

rebounds: The Crimson Tide held a 45-33 lead on the boards, including 35-18 on the defensive side.

In Oklahoma, the teams were almost even.

3 point shooting: The Crimson Tide was 19-to-41 while Vanderbilt was only 3-to-30.

Alabama was 6-to-30 in Oklahoma while the Sooners were 13-to-20.

assists: Against the Commodores, the Crimson Tide held a 29-6 advantage. It was the second-most assists in a game in program history (30 vs. East Tennessee State in 2004).

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In Alabama’s three losses, opponents averaged 17.0-9.0.

Sales: The Crimson Tide had 12 despite the breakout. Vanderbilt had 16. Alabama had a 27-6 advantage in revenue losses.

In their last four games, Alabama have had 14, 11, 12, and 13, respectively, for a 12.5 average.

Meanwhile nobody has fouled. No one had a negative +/- ratio. Alabama had a 27-2 lead in fastbreak points.

The halftime result of 42-15 was even more impressive considering Vanderbilt scored the first five points of the game. That was also the longest race of the evening. When the next points were scored, a 3-pointer after about 10 minutes, the score was 21-5.

Before everyone gets too excited again, it’s important to note that Vanderbilt is much closer to the bottom of the SEC rankings than it is at the top, with 10-12 overall and 3-6 in league play. So is the next opponent, LSU.

Alabama (19-3, SEC 9-0) have yet to maintain that kind of intensity and make sure this wasn’t a one- or two-game reaction. Teams that continue to improve in February are often the ones making the most noise in March.

But for one night, the Crimson Tide looked like a team that had re-established itself as the one to beat in the Southeastern Conference and was back in control of the season.

“They’ve really been training each other for the past three days, to be honest, they’re a great group that’s been talking to each other,” Oats said. “That’s what we want to be, that’s what we have to do to get better. You pretty much did everything tonight. We were obviously backed by a good night of shooting and they didn’t shoot it well, which is what happens. And I think we played pretty hard for the most part tonight and got defensive. So it’s good to see the improvement.

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