Tennessee Titans vs. Indianapolis Colts Week 8 recap: What we know

Syndication: The Indianapolis Star

-The Titans made it very difficult with penalty shootouts, 11 for 161 yards. Two of these flags were passport disruptions that totaled 83 yards. Both resulted in Colt’s touchdowns. Tennessee gave Indy five first downs from penalties.

-The Colts didn’t help each other either. Indy shot a total of nine penalties for 75 yards and obliterated two large Jonathan Taylor runs that would have been about 50 yards together. Taylor averaged 4.4 yards per carry but failed to break the century mark.

– The Titans couldn’t get anything going on the ground as King Henry only got 68 yards in 28 carries, good enough for 2.4 yards per carry.

-Ryan Tannehill went up and down. He ended up scooping for three but made some bad decisions, including a pick in the first quarter that resulted in the Indianapolis game’s second touchdown and a 14-0 deficit. However, as the game progressed, Tannehill made a few clutch completions, finishing the game 23 of 33 for 265 yards and three touchdowns to two picks.

-The offensive line opened zero holes for Henry and Tannehill was quite abused and shaken during the game. His second interception wasn’t a great decision, but rather the result of pressure. Fortunately, the Colts fiddled with the return and gave it back to the Titans.

-AJ Brown looked dominant again, making season highs with 10 catches for 155 yards, and his touchdown came with a 57-yard catch and run where he broke a tackle and brought him into the house. Tennessee didn’t have much to impress offensive.

-Both teams struggled with the third downs as the Titans were 8v17 and the Colts were 7v16. Both teams converted two fourth attempts, but Tennessee stopped at one of the Colts’ attempts.

-The Titans scored a goal on both of their trips to the red zone, while the Colts found paid dirt on four of their five trips to the red zone. Indy was one of the NFL’s worst Red Zone teams to get into the game.

-Tennessee won the sales battle 3-2. At the start of that game, Wentz hadn’t thrown a pick in five straight games but did have a pair on Sunday. His first interception was accommodated by Elijah Molden.

– The Titans failed to keep Wentz under constant pressure and when they did he was able to dodge the onslaught and still play. His improved maneuverability was very noticeable when the Titans were actually able to cross the Colts’ offensive line.

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