The final day of action at ECNL Tennessee this past weekend saw a number of highly competitive and close games throughout the day.

In the 04/05 age group, Kings Hammer SC faced off against GSA. The game was a high scoring battle early on.

Both teams quickly exchanged goals throughout the contest. GSA struck first in the 13th minute on a goal from Vienna Lundstedt but was answered back only two minutes later by a Kings Hammer goal from Sophia Kuerze.

Kings Hammer then grabbed a 2-1 lead on a goal from Amanda Schlueter, who had five goals over the weekend. Just like Kings Hammer, it only took GSA two minutes to strike back and tie it when Angie Garcia scored in the 24th minute.

The high intensity scoring continued though, as two minutes later, Avery May scored the goal that would prove to be the game winner, putting Kings Hammer up 3-2.

Overall, Chris Black, head coach of Kings Hammer SC, was extremely pleased with the way his team performed over the weekend, and the challenges they received from playing teams from different areas.

“We played three different systems, so I thought the players responded well to that, had some flexibility with what they were doing, and embraced that challenge,” Black said. “We’re a team that relies on everyone and we have really good depth.”

Black thought the atmosphere of the weekend was another great experience for his players as they move through the season.

“It was a great atmosphere, as always, for our players. I think they always enjoy those showcase experiences.”

Another game that was a good battle in the 04/05 age group took place between Internationals SC and Florida Krush.

Internationals SC got the scoring going in the first half on a goal from Grace Jackson and was able to maintain that 1-0 lead into the half.

Both sides exchanged goals in the second half with Florida Krush getting one from Kayana Adlam, and Internationals once again getting one from Jackson to give them the 2-1 win.

Internationals SC Head Coach Zdravko Popovic was extremely pleased with the performance of his team throughout the weekend and talked about how this quality of competition helps them as they move forward.

“Playing that quality of competition and playing against teams we don’t normally see is extremely beneficial, extremely enjoyable, so we can measure ourselves not only within our region, but how we fare with the rest of our competition,” Popovic said.

Popovic was also pleased with the chemistry his team showed over the three games. The versatility Internationals SC displayed over the weekend was very promising and should help them as they progress through the year.

“It was very evident that it’s going to be good chemistry. We have versatility, we have players that can play multiple positions so we can be quite adaptable, and I believe we will be able to respond to the challenge in front of us,” Popovic said. “They all depend upon each other, and they all make each other better.”

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