Rick Barnes Inducted Into Hall of Fame For Tennessee Basketball

Head coach Rick Barnes is one of the most famous figures in college basketball history. He has been successful everywhere he has trained and has revived several national brands.

The North Carolina native was recognized for his accomplishments by his home state on Tuesday. The North Carolina Sports Hall of Fame will welcome Barnes and fourteen of his peers to their prestigious network on April 21st.

Barnes released a statement Tuesday through the Tennessee Athletic Department thanking those involved for helping him achieve this monumental milestone.

“The North Carolina Sports Hall of Fame is a ‘Who’s Who’ of legendary figures – many of whom I’ve looked up to. To be selected as a coach, a lot of the merit has to come from having outstanding staff by my side throughout my career and wonderful players along the way.”

The full recording list includes:

  • Rick Barnes
  • Jerry Stapelhaus
  • Donald Evans
  • Trudy Lacey
  • Bob Jackson
  • Tom Higgins
  • Curtis strange
  • Jason Brown
  • Rosie Thompson
  • Jeff Davis
  • Tom Fazio
  • Ellen Griffin
  • Clarkston Hines
  • Ronald Rogers
  • John Sadri

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While this is an incredible feat, Barnes immediately returned to work to prepare for the Georgia Bulldogs. The Red-Blacks are 13-6 this season and take on the Tennessee Volunteers on Wednesday night.

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