Tropical Depression 13 forms near South America, NO threat to SW Louisiana

Caribbean Sea (KPLC) – As of the 10 PM advisory, the National Hurricane Center has upgraded Potential Tropical Cyclone 13 to Tropical Depression 13. A closed circulation was found on radar Thursday evening, hence the upgrade to a tropical cyclone. It will continue to interact with the coast of South America through Friday evening, before moving into the open Caribbean. This will help to limit intensification until it moves fully over water.

KPLC First Alert Forecast(KPLC)

Once it moves over water, strengthening is likely due to a combination of warm waters, a moist environment and lowering wind shear. Luckily for us in SW Louisiana, high pressure to its’ north will keep it on a westward track into Central America next week, likely making landfall in Nicaragua. The mountainous terrain afterwards likely will be enough to weaken the storm into remnant low, making it NO threat at this time to Southwest Louisiana.

KPLC First Alert ForecastKPLC First Alert Forecast(KPLC)

– Max Lagano

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