Louisiana Tech University is starting a career locker

MONROE, La. (KNOE) – Louisiana Tech University has started a careers department. It will provide students with a full outfit per academic year, 3D body imaging and a resume headshot. For many employers, the status of the applicant is just as important as the résumé. For this reason, Louisiana Tech created a careers department.

“Once you get into an interview, you can change your body language, you can change what you say, but you can’t change what you were wearing. I think it’s really important that you look prepared when you walk in, ”said Cora Bonewetz, a Louisiana tech student.

With 3D body imaging, the students can find out which outfit suits them best and a fashion merchandising student gives individual style advice.

“A student would work in it as a person doing the inventory, greeting the customer, completing the transactions, removing them from the inventory when the inventory is complete, and following up the customers. We have students doing this so they can get hands-on experience in the industry after they graduate, ”said Avery Broussard, Louisiana Tech Assistant Director of Employee Operations.

Students must complete four steps before receiving the outfit.

“A handcheck account, resume review, mock interview, and show us what this outfit is used for,” said Christiann Bayne, a tech assistant director of career development in Louisiana.

Tech accepts clothing and donations. If you would like to donate, click here for more information.

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